Molfetta Beach Hotel



Corfu, the northwesternmost place among the Greek islands. If you choose your vacation here, then you are choosing the ideal place combining mountain, rich vegetation and deep blue seas.

Through the ages, the Corfian history was reflected on buildings, people and their lifestyle. Nymph Korkyra, Scheria the island of Phaeacians, the cosmopolitan sense of the venetian, english and french dominations, the unification of Corfu with the rest Greece…

Our hotel is situated in the center of Gouvia, a village at Gouvia bay at the eastern side of Greece. Furthermore, there are plenty of archaeological sites, clubs, travel agencies, urban/suburban transportation, etc.

  • 50 m. from center of Gouvia
  • 500 m. from Gouvia marina
  • 6 km from port
  • 7 km Corfu town
  • 8 km from the airport
  • 11 km from Corfu Golf Club